Vaginal Candida Yeast Infection

Vaginal Candida Yeast Infection Natural Remedies

Vaginal Candida Yeast Infection Natural Remedies and Tips

If you suffer from Vaginal Candida  and haven't found a cure, there are still many things you can do, and natural remedies that can give a definitive answer to your problem.
The symptoms of vaginal candida as discomfort, burning, ...
can be removed with simple steps and products you find in the pantry of your house, the problem of vaginal candida can be solved with natural products, but the most important thing is that these remedies do not give side effects.
The candida infection is caused by the overgrowth of bacteria in the human body due to certain imbalances, infection candida finds fertile ground in the presence of excess sugars, and a warm, wet, in fact infection
Candida affects gladly female genital organs.

Vaginal Candida Remedies:

These solutions as well as to solve, also apply to prevent vaginal candida.

In case of candida infection, wear loose, comfortable clothing, cotton underwear, leave uncovered when possible sites of candida, such as sleep without underwear is a good idea.

This allows air circulation in the area affected by candida infection, which dries the moisture and reduces the temperature, humidity and high temperatures are the breeding ground for the development of  candida infection.

The vaginal candida infection is contagious and is transmitted through sexual contact, always use a condom.
Avoid taking alcohol, tea, junk foods, refined sugars, processed foods, wheat flour products, dairy and dairy products, caffeine, avoid taking too many antibiotics unnecessarily.
All of these products support the development of the vagina.Keep the genital area clean and often change their underwear.

Some Natural Remedies for vaginal candida:

• Drinking or eating foods that contain acidophilus
• Insert into vagina with an applicator or plain yogurt with a spatula
• Apply to the vagina, cervix and vulva gentian violet
• Insert one suppository into the vagina of garlic
• drink cranberry juice without sugar
• Insert capsules of boric acid in the vagina at bedtime for three or four consecutive nights
• Follow a diet consisting mainly of fruits, vegetables, raw vegetables.

These remedies are used both to soothe the symptoms of vaginal candida that solve the problem in a natural way and without any side effects.
The plain yogurt applied to affected areas of infection candida immediate relief from the symptoms, pain, burning, discomfort, ...

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